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Top 10 games like PubG

PUBG – its everywhere these days and everybody loves playing it. Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi mentioned it during a speech that he made during a rally. PubG has had quite an impact on this generation it has even made it up to Electronic sports leagues with participants from all around the world. PUBG is so popular that it’s even been banned in some Indian states such as Surat, Rajkot and Vadodara because the game was deemed too addictive. If you live in such a state where you don’t have access to this game or for some reason you want a change and want to try out something new, here are a few games which can give you the PUBG experience. All of these games have the same concept – squad survival. You select a squad of players either online or with your friends and you try to survive for as long as possible, navigating through various terrain, facing off different challenges and so on

10. Rules of Survival

The graphics of Rules of Survival are as good as PUBG – if not better. The game also comes with a lot more in-game options that allow you to choose a bigger variety of vehicles, guns, etc. The game is significantly heavier than PUBG, at a file size of 2 GB, but is definitely worth checking out.


9. Free Fire

Free Fire it’s a 10-minute long fast-paced battle royal game. This game is quite popular on Google Play Store with over a 100 million downloads. Even though it’s graphic quality is lower than PUBG’s, this is a game that comes close to giving you the same experience, even if you’re playing on a phone that has a 1 or 2gb ram.


8. Hopeless Land

What really stands out about Hopeless Land is the graphic and gameplay experience. It can support up to 120 players competing in a single game. The game itself is just 300MB large, but will deliver a PUBG like gaming experience and leave you shook.


7. Crossfire Legends

Tencent games – the same developers of PUBG have also put their brains toget to give users another impressive game titled Crossfire Legends. What stands out about the gameplay and graphics experience is not just that its impressive – it’s also more realistic then the others. The maps and city and in game is a bit different then PUBG, but that’s what makes playing this game, both challenging and fun.


6. Survival Squad

Even though Survival Squad comes with low graphics thanks to its 180mb size – it is still surprisingly similar to PUBG. It has all the in-game options like vehicles, guns and the maps; similar to PUBG. The concept is the same so you will not miss out on much. At its size it won’t take up much space on your phone or make it slow in terms of functionality.


5. Knives Out

Realistic graphics and an impressive gameplay like PUBG makes Knives out worth trying out. The in-game options are the same but the maps are a bit different than PUBG. For a similar experience you can get your hands on this right here


4. Pubg Mobile Elite

PUBG Mobile elite is quite popular among everyone. This is basically a lighter version of the game for phones with lower RAM and slow processors. This game will give you an experience just like its big brother. if you want to give it try you can get it right here.


3. Survival Royale

As the name goes it’s a squad survival game just like PUBG with over hundred people surviving and competing for the number spot. Even though it’s just under 1 GB in size, the graphics are really impressive and make this game super fun to play.


2. Grand Battle Royale

Sometimes, you need a change from the regular squad survival games. Maybe you’re annoyed with the similar graphics or maybe you just want something fun to play, not something too intense. Grand Battle Royale will do the trick. It has characters designed like lego characters and Minecraft like graphics to give the user one hell of a gaming experience.


1. Call of Duty Mobile

Call of duty has been around for a very long time – since 2003. This is the OG squad survival game. This time they have come around with a version that had a major change – they made it available to play on your mobile phones. This game is set to be released in June 2019 and will be available across platforms soon. Everyone is pretty excited for this release as there are many COD fans out there waiting to get their hands on this one. The graphics and gameplay are sure to give you one hell of a gaming experience.


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