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Things you can do with a fast internet connection

A fast internet connection is every nerd’s ultimate dream. Sure, moderately slow internet can help get the job done, but having a fast internet connection just makes things so much sweeter, and your internet usage experience, so much more satisfactory. Hardcore users at times wish they have a high speed internet for their needs so if you are one of them, its important to know that there are quite a few things you can do with a fast internet. Here are some of the most popular uses of a super-fast internet connection –

1. Watch movies or stream sports

Isn’t it frustrating as hell when you’re trying to live stream a match or a show, but your viewing experience is ruined by constant buffering? What’s the point of having Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hotstar if you can’t binge watch the show you truly love? If you have a fast connection, viewing becomes much smoother experience you can follow storylines and narratives with a fast internet connection.

2. Download Movies

Streaming services are great and all, but what if you’re stuck in an apocalypse with no internet? How will you possibly stay entertained? Whether you like watching movies on your phone or on your laptop, every true cinema lover has his/her own collection of films, offline. Downloading movies with a fast connection is just much time-efficient and lets you to grow your collection at the snap of a finger.

3. Download Games

Only true gamers know how important fast internet is. Whether you’re using a gaming console or a smartphone or laptop, fast internet makes the gaming experience on the device much faster. The problem is that most games are heavy files (1-2GB and above) – downloading them takes ages to finish.

Well if you have faster internet, it would be a pretty smooth experience for you. You can grow your game library by downloading more games across genres and getting the appropriate DLS for the content as well.

4. Play online games or stream your games

If you’re playing an online game on your phone or gaming console, you know how frustrating it is to have a high ping as your connection is slow. On the other hand, when you get a fast internet connection, your gaming experience improves as it much better and smoother as you would have a low ping rate.

It’s not just playing games, but if you actually host the livestream or a podcast, a platform that is open to the piv If you like streaming your games as well its so much quicker you can stream or upload enture videos and multiple documentation.

Hotspot or host a LAN part of that for your friends when they come over. so if all of you are in the same place and want to play games with each other you can share your connection as hotspot or even create a lan for players to join in and play with you. Its always fun to play games with your friends and celebrate victory when you eventually defeat him inl

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