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These Features Sum Up To A Reliable Broadband Connection

Broadband connections are extremely fast as they use multiple bands with different bands for uploading, downloading and voice. As the world deals with the Coronavirus outbreak, many companies have urged their staff to work from home. This situation demands a reliable internet connection to stay active during your work hours. Your internet connection at home should have the range of data to make your work go smoothly.

How do broadband connections work?

One form of Broadband communications technology is through Asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) connections. These are the connections that use modem or routers, which will connect to the network of your internet service provider. They use the old telephone copper wires for data transfer. Cable, satellite and mobile are other conventional forms of Broadband communication technologies. The best option for broadband technology is fiber optics which uses light to transfer data. 

What to look for in a new broadband connection?

A broadband connection is a long-term commitment and is an essential part of your life. Therefore, it is crucial to think carefully before committing to a connection. A few pointers to keep in mind before getting a broadband connection are:

  1. Fiber cable vs copper cable: Although the copper cables are a reliable way of data communications, Fiber optics transfer data much faster. Most broadband connections use ADSL connections that facilitate quick data transfer using copper wires, but cannot match the speed and performance given by Fiber to the Home (FTTH) technology used in home broadband. FTTH offers speed and low latency that is unmatched by other forms of data transfer being used presently.
  2. Usefulness: Over the years, humans have started producing and consuming more data than ever. The current work-from-home landscape has caused a dramatic increase in data usage.  With work from home, there are essential functions related to your livelihood that depend on faster and stable connectivity so you need to make a wise decision while picking a broadband connection.
  3. Customer Service: The importance of customer service cannot be overstated, and broadband service providers have grown to understand that. Choose services that have a prompt and engaging customer service team as in times of confusion and need this can be crucial.
  4. Data Allowance: The package you choose for your place depends on a lot of factors such as the number of smart devices in the house, the data needs that come with different job profiles and many more. If there are only light or moderate users, then you can choose a smaller pack. In case of heavy users such as graphic designers or gamers, the pack needs to be a high speed and unlimited one. Keep all these factors in mind while selecting your data pack.
  5. Cost: There are many different types of packages being offered to the masses. Packages vary based on parameters like FUP Limits and download speeds with the most useful being unlimited usage plans with the highest speed availability. For example, One GigaFiber provides unlimited data packages with speeds ranging from 15-100Mbps. Cost-efficiency should be a priority when it comes to selecting a pack. The higher the speed of the pack, the more expensive it will be.


ONE GigaFiber has exciting plans to support people working from home. An ongoing plan offers users the opportunity to avail double network speeds on the addition of only Rs. 50 +taxes on their active subscription. This plan will be valid for 30 days and is renewable on expiry until the government keeps the social distancing measures active. With data speeds being backed by Fiber optics technology, you can rest assured that the speed will be up to the mark.

To Summarise:                      

In today’s world broadband at home is no longer a choice, but a necessity. For example, a stable broadband connection is equally necessary as food, water and shelter. Whether you are a bachelor or live with your family, in every situation, there is a need for a broadband connection. As it is such an important decision, you should keep all the above-written factors in mind while choosing your broadband connection. 

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