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Best stand-up comedy specials on Netflix

Netflix is home to some of the world’s best content. Its specialty is that you can discover and stream content available in every possible genre, from across the world. You can stream content from genres like action, thriller, drama, science fiction and many more. But if you’re the kind of person who loves to sit back on the couch for a good laughter session – either with your friends or by yourself, then you should check out these Netflix stand-up specials. They’re guaranteed to get you laughing and make sure you have a good time

5. Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King

Homecoming King was Hasan Minhaj’s first standup special from 2017 and it went on to put him on the map with Netflix backing him up. Spanning over an hour, Hasan uses his stand up special to talk about his life before he landed a job as a correspondent on ‘The Daily Show’ fame. In the special, he uses photos to help the audience understand and laugh over his strict brown upbringing. He uses the
opportunity to take digs at Indian culture and how it affected him while growing up in his hometown Davis, California. Most jokes were centered around the fact that tradition doesn’t always go well with children of immigrants and he also takes a direct approach while talking about racism. He also takes direct jibes at racism and talks about the cultural gaps that lead to misunderstandings while living in a different country. Hasan’s special is a unique mix of pop culture, humour and a deeper look at society itself, all told with the tone of tongue-in-cheek humour.

4. Patton Oswalt: Annihilation

It normally takes people a while to talk about the past and many people take a while to deal with trauma. When it comes to Patton Oswalt’s special, it’s clear to see that the emotional wounds are still fresh. He went on to make Annihilation despite a personal tragedy. It takes an incredible deal of courage to open up about losing a loved one, and Annihilation even goes beyond that. He talks about Donald Trump’s presidency in detail, throwing in some cultural context to help people see the bigger picture. The realest moments of the show are when he’s talking about his late wife Michelle McNamara and he talks honestly to his audience about how he used comedy as a getaway from his problems in life. Oswalt’s biggest talent is storytelling – even though he’s using his standup special to talk about life and loss, he makes sure that it doesn’t turn into a therapy session where he’s unloading all his problems.

3. Bo Burnham: Make happy

Bo Burnham was a breakout YouTube star at the age of 16 and that makes him familiar with all sorts of contemporary trends. He uses this knowledge to create a standup act that breaks away from the tone of traditional standup comedy. Make Happy is a standup special that incorporates music and stage design flawlessly into his act. He uses these props to call out on cultural clichés. Some may feel that his comedy is dark and self-depreciating, but through the show, it eventually transitions into entertaining theatrical performances. Make Happy has a lot to say about modern pop culture and it comes through with every meta joke that Burnham makes. It’s dark, unexpected, and an entertaining rollercoaster ride.

2. Donald Glover: Weirdo

Before he was Childish Gambino, making controversial videos like “This is America”, or before he was a writer on 30 Rock, or even before he was a cast member on ‘Community,’ he released his standup special, Weirdo in 2012. As the title suggests, it’s a tape that has a different tone, but is generously peppered with his signature energetic style. His jokes are all based on stories, which are in turn based on his past experiences from his life and growing up. If you’re in love with his quirky work and his dare-to- dream attitude, you will love this special.

1. Dave Chappelle The Age of Spin

Also filmed in 2016, Dave Chapelle’s comedy special ‘The Age of Spin,’ was filmed live at the Hollywood Palladium. This act was to complement his other Netflix Original ‘Deep In The Heart of Texas.’ With ‘Age of Spin,’ he lets the audience catch a glimpse of his personality while he talks about modern pop culture and keeps the audience thoroughly entertained. With is mastery over comedic timing and jokes filled with observational humour, Chapelle stays true to where he comes
from and with the help of his craft, he calls it like he sees it. His act can be summed up with three words – honest, funny, and memorable. Do give this one a watch.

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