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10 Movies to watch before attending your College reunion

It doesn’t matter whether you’re broke or rich or if you’re popular or not, college days are inevitably the best days of a person’s life. College reunions are a special occasion, they give you an opportunity to relive those days and it’s always a pleasure to see and catch up with old friends. If you’re feeling particularly nostalgic, here are 10 movies to enjoy before you take a trip down memory lane to meet your old college buddies

1. Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect is a movie that sums up the college experience – navigating through clubs, making friends, having romantic experiences, and of course, the feeling of togetherness. Through the story of the Bellas, take a chance to relive those simpler days.

2. Accepted

Is it possible to have the college experience without going to college at all? Bartleby and his friends seemed to think so! Steve Pink is at the directorial helm of this comedy film. The lead character Bartleby, gets rejected by every college he applies to and to keep up his parents’ expectations, he creates a fake college and his friends join in as well. Hilarity ensues as they have an out of the world college experience!

3. Superbad

Graduating high school and entering college is scary enough as it is but what if you were graduating unprepared? Superbad is a 2007 teen comedy movie about two students who are about to graduate high school and are determined to lose their virginity before they enter college. Written by Seth Rogan, this film proves to be a
laugh riot as their task is a lot more complicated than it looks…

4. How High

How High is a stoner film starring rappers Method Man and Redman. A deceased friend shows up when they smoke his ashes and help the duo pass their tests and eventually gain admission into Harvard University. The stoners pass every test with flying colours but trouble begins brewing when they find that they can no longer summon their dead friend and they actually have to study on their own…

5. Legally Blonde

Starring Reese Witherspoon as a character who resembles a real life barbie doll, Legally Blonde took all of the stereotypes about ‘dumb blondes’ head on. Elle Woods follows her ex-finace to Harvard Law School with hopes of winning him back but finds her true calling as a lawyer instead. A must watch movie about love, friendship, and the virtue of hard work.

6. Revenge of the Nerds

Everybody loves a good underdog movie. Revenge of the Nerds was a film that came out in 1984 and somehow it still manages to stay relevant till date. The film was about a group of nerds at Adams College who decide to fight back against the bullying they face by the jocks. It was about how they went beyond authorities (campus police and administration) and took matters into their own hands to get their revenge.

7. Perks of being a wallflower “And in that moment, we were infinite”

These lines went on to create pop culture history. The movie dealt with the uncertainty that a person faces when they’re leaving school and entering college. It’s a whole new world of change and how they deal with different types of emotions is beautifully portrayed in the movie.

8. Take Me Home Tonight

After starring in satirical film series Scary Movie, Anna Faris returned to the silver screen with Take Me Home Tonight. The movie chronicles the life of a MIT graduate who works at a video store. His life takes an unexpected turn when his crush invites him to a party and a wild night ensues.

9. The Graduate

Another vintage film on this list, The Graduate was released in 1967. The movie chronicles the life of Benjamin Braddock, a 21 year old college graduate with no aim in life. Things take a hilarious twist when he gets seduced by an older woman but ends up falling in love with her daughter instead!

10. The Social Network

Mark Zuckerberg is one of the most talked-about entrepreneurs of our generation. But this film talks about what his life was like, before there was Facebook. Directed by David Fincher of Fight Club fame, this movie is an engrossing look at the genius that Zuckerberg was and the lawsuits he had to face for his work at Facebook.

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