ONE Broadband

ONE is three and signifies a confluence of Video, Data & Voice services with a unified approach to delivering varied content consumed over the Internet like web, social, video-OTT, VAS, iOT, focused on education, e-Gov, health, gaming, music and above all live & catch-up TV via a one-wire to the consumer’s home using a common services delivery and assurance platform.

At ONE Broadband, we constantly strive towards transforming lives of our consumers by providing a seamless internet experience over ONE cable and ONE device for every-one. ONE Broadband combines speed and efficiency to create practical internet solutions for households and workplaces to have our Consumers enjoy a surreal viewing experience for your favourite videos and live streams! Live the fast life with Hi-Speed internet for Super-Fast browsing! With ONE Broadband you can do it all and, much more !!

Our Values

The single biggest value at ONE is to keep our employee morale high and motivated. We believe a happy team can keep our customers happy. Besides, putting employee first means keeping our ears to the ground realities and connected with our team. It is only then we truly build ONE team

ONE is customer centric not just as a business statement but fundamentally thinks and believes that whatever we do, whatever we create and whatever we provide is centered around our customer.

The very essence of creating a ONE experience is about providing the avenue for our customers to have a happy and cheerful experience. Be it in delivery of services or addressing their concerns alike

Technology centric products and services need to embed the idea of being contemporary and relevant at all times. Therefore, Innovation is the key value that drives product creation within the ONE organization

With advances in technology happening at rapid pace it is a daunting task for our customers to keep pace. At ONE our idea of simplicity is to ensure technology does not intimidate them but on the contrary, they enjoy the benefits of it

ONE Purpose

At ONE we recognise that staying digitally connected has become very essential and in particular among the millennials and to a great extent the generation X.
In today’s times, it’s not only about being connected but staying in tune with the world in real time. The essence of real time is speed and uninterrupted connectivity.
ONE is a platform built on robust technology and our purpose is to keep our customers always on. To fulfil this purpose, we at ONE are constantly striving to provide what’s best for our customers technologically and provide that at a very competitive price too. This is not just a brand promise but our very purpose of being in the business.